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The Company S Shandilya Exim Pvt. Ltd. is a company which mainly deals with timber exporting.The Company is seven years old managed by someone who has an ample amount of experience regarding timber,plywood,Teak,Hard Wood etc.The company is regarding timber importer associated with the renowned Bengal Timber Importer Association.This Company deals with Logs,Lumbers,Timbers etc. Talking about it's empire-it may be significantly noted that the company not only deals allover India but also it has successfully extended the business across quite a few countries abroad.For instance it purchases materials from Malaysia,Indonesia,West Africa,South Africa,Ghana,Togo,Ivory Coast,Brazil,Columbia,Costa RICA etc.So it is quite evident that it has successfully expanded the business across several continents-which is indeed a matter of pride. It has a long way to go ahead undoubtedly but till now it has done pretty good business.The Respective Associates are respectively Calcutta Timber Merchant ,West Bengal Timber Importer Associates.

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Our company S Shandilya Exim Pvt. Ltd. is a seven year old company with abundunt experience.The office is located in Kolkata.We basically deal with Timber,Logs,Lumber etc.We import species from Malaysia,Indonesia,West Africa,South America(namely Brazil,Columbia etc),Ivory Coast etc.
We are the Timber Importers associated with Bengal Timber association.We import timber from countries such as Malaysia,Indonesia,Cameroon,Ivory Coast,Ghana,Togo,Brazil etc. Selangan Batu,Kapur,Meranti,Bankirai,Tali,Bilinga are some of the product species(in timber section) those are imported extensively.We also import PINE from Canada,Australia,New zealand etc.
We also import Plywood from different countries namely Malaysia,Indonesia,Burma.We also manufacture finshed doors for different purposes.
We are about to import Furnitures from different locations.We are hoping to solve many problems which is incurred commonly.



Timber is mainly the entity we work with.We mainly import Timber from Malaysia,Indonesia,Cameroon.We also work on Lumbers,Logs etc.which is imported from different country.There are many species of timbers,some of which will be provided below.


Consisting of even and fine texture,this is one of the species imported commonly. It has high strength.


Mainly imported from Indonesia,Bankirai possesses high strength,durability with excellent decay resistance.

More Timbers

Apart from Malaysia,Indonesia timbers are imported from countries like Cameroon,Suriname,Ghana,Ivory Coast etc.


The timber is reasonably strong for it's weight so it's used in sports,furniture,carriage,constructions etc.


Mainly imported from Brazil,Ivory Coast,Ghana Teak is one of the most used timbers.It is widely used in ship and boat-building.

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